About Us

Hey There!


Hello my name is Gene 'Jubal' Johnson and I am from Richmond, VA.

I am a Spirit filled/Spirit led Christian and have been serving in ministry for over 35 Years.

I am an abstract Artist, Poet, Singer-songwriter/psalmist and photographer.

I labor in God's Vineyard in teaching, writing and music ministry within the Body of Christ here in my home town. I also have been a biblical counselor and discipler for over 20 years.

The Dream, the lasting vision of Dunamis Arts is to one day build an eight floored ministry, 'Tower of the Arts', with each floor designated to a different branch of the arts. One floor for Visual/Fine Art with galleries, one for music with a concert hall and recording studio, one for dance, one for theater, one for sculpture and crafts, and one floor for writers, publishing and poetry readings. Also, on the street level we would have shops, galleries, a cafe and even a night club!

Pray with us and for us that this dream would become a reality and have God's Blessing upon it! God in these last days is beginning to move beyond the four walls of the traditional church building format into the marketplace, 'Where the people are'. It is our desire to impact the culture and the Arts at the street level, in a spiritual manner.

If you have an artistic talent and would like to network with us, or you just love the arts  and would like to get involved, fell free to write me at: eonjohnson@dunamisarts.com.